Transfer data Android 6 to 9

Can anyone tell me how to get my data (contacts, call records, texts, etc.) onto my Fairpjone 3?
If you think you know the answer and you haven’t tried it with ANDROID VERSION SIX, you don’t know the answer.

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Being rude probably won’t encourage people to give you constructive tips, just saying…

Being direct is not rude. Sending an email to a stranger to attempt to correct them with your misconception is rude. Piss off.

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Ok Mr Piss Off.

I only pointed out that you could be a little more friendly, and using caps lock is definitely considered rude. Apart from that, communication is also what the other person understands and not only what you meant.
By the way, you just started insulting me, so I won’t let you accuse me of being rude.

Good luck btw with getting anyone to answer your question if that’s your general tone when talking to people.
Hopefully you’re able to use Google :wink: