TrackerControl not working

I have a FairPhone2 running Fairphone OS 21.12.0-rel.1. I think ever since I upgraded to A9 (I really don’t have any idea when) TrackerControl stopped working. Only recently I started to really dig into why; according to TrackerControl#23 and TrackerControl#287, this could be related to VPN mode not working due to missing kernel patches and hence torvalds/linux@e2d118a. Technically TC is not a VPN, but presents itself as one to be able to intercept DNS queries and return bogus info for blocked domains.

A couple of questions:

  • Has anyone else experienced any issues with TC on this OS version?
  • Or any other VPN?
  • Where are FP2’s kernel sources so I check whether that patch is present or not?

I think that’s all for now.

I fixed the titel of this thread.

TrafficControl not working
TrackerControl not working

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Answering myself: the kernel sources are here and the patch is in the kernel (thanks @z3ntu).

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