Touchscreen keyboard issue (no 1 or Q!)

Hi all,

The top left of my pop-up touch screen keyboard has stopped working. When I try to type a 1 I get a 2, and when I try to type a Q, I get a W.

Any ideas for a fix?



Turn your screen and see if still the 1 and the Q are affected.
If not, it’s likely to be the touchscreen.
If yes, it’s something odd in the screen keyboard.


There is a lot to read here…

Maybe your screen has to be replaced (like mine), hopefully under warranty

Good call! I have my phone set to stay in portrait mode when I turn it, so it didn’t occur to me. I tried it, and the Q and 1 work fine, so it must be a problem with the screen.

There is also the possibility that the screen isn’t broken, but the connectors are just dirty.
Try to #disassemble the screen and clean the connectors carefully.

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