Touchscreen just works partially! Hardware or Software Problem?

Hello FP2 holders,
have an annoying problem with the Touchscreen. For a couple of days, the two middle touchscreen buttons on the bottom of the screen don’t work anymore. They are vibrating -as usual- but nothing happens. It is the “circle” (exit button) and the “square”. At the same time, on the top the push-messages don’t appear anymore (I just can hear them) and I can’t wipe down the Status-menu (so no access to torch, act. of wifi, plane mode etc…). I cleaned the touchscreen and the connectors, I made this drawing test (I could not draw on the bottom part) and now I don’t know what to do? Is it a Hardware Problem? Is it a Software Problem? Anybody who used to have the same problems?

Hoping for some helpful information.
Besteht wishes and a happy New year

Please go through the official troubleshooting tool (display -> the touch function is defective) and if you have further questions please continue in the following topic to avoid duplicate threads:

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