Touchscreen isn't responding anymore!

My phone FP1(U) is still working. I can receive calls but I cannot respond because nothing happens when I’m touching the screen.
I already tried the recovery mode …

Is there a solution or should I surrender and buy a new screen ?
Little precision : My phone didn’t took any kind of bath !

If your phone/screen is less than 2 years old and you didn’t let it fall on the ground or into water then you’ll probably get a new screen under warranty.
Simply do the #touchscreentest and attach the result to your support request. To get a reply fast post your request number here.

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In order to make a backup etc., you could connect a mouse to your FP1 via USB OTG cable.

Then you can controll your screen with the mouse pointer like you controll a PC. Left click = tap. So you can use all your programs more or less normally.

If also the buttons don’t work anymore, you can add software buttons, for example with this app:

I have the same sometimes and I take of the screen and replace it and than everything is fine. Also I try to remember to put my phone off regularly

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