Touchscreen freezes occasionally and random touch screen input

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Hey there,
I got my fp3 about 9 months ago, while I was happy at first, I soon noticed some hickups of the touchscreen that are really annoying.
The first issue is actually quite spooky, sometimes the touchscreen seems to get locked into a loop of random inputs. While I don’t do anything and just look at the screen I can watch button’s being toggled, WiFi, airplane mode, or Bluetooth are randomly switched on and off, App windows are pushed into the foreground or gibberish is typed into the keyboard. These episodes often only last a few seconds but it even got this far that I once involuntary posted a WhatsApp status during these weird happenings.
This happens more or less regularly and I cannot explain what triggers it.
The second issue started a bit later but is equally annoying. Between once a week and several times a day my screen freezes. The touchscreen does not react to any input anymore and I can only ‘fix’ this by locking and unlocking the screen again and then killing the respective app.
It has happened independent of the app.

Has anyone else experienced this? I will send my fp3 back, hopefully the factory can fix it.

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Hi and welcome to the community!
Did you already check these threads if they could help you?


Hi alex21,

Thanks that is exactly the same issue I have. I haven’t read the second thread yet but at least in the first there does not exist a solution yet. I contacted the support and hope they will get back time soon.

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Hi there,
I experience exactly the same problems with my FP3. Twice disassembled my phone, cleaning the contacts and re-assembling it, but this doesn’t help. I received my FP in november 2019 and the problems started around february this year. I am under the impression it happens more often when it is warm/clammy weather. You too?

Hi there and welcome to the community!
Did you already try all the other tips that were given in the threads that I mentioned in my first message, to see whether it solves your problem?
For example:

Hi, thanks for your reaction. Yes, I tried and this is not the solution, my touchscreen is 100% responsive. I will send a message to the FP support.

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