Touchscreen doesn't work after update on Fairphone 4

Hello everyone,

After an hour of research i finally write a new topic here.
I just ordered and received a Fairphone 4 yesterday and it only worked correctly 24 hours.

The “last update” date on first startup was mid 2022 so i suspect it was on Android 11.
I did the upgrade this morning (to android 13) build FP4.TP29.C.0101 and the touchscreen simply stops working…

Thankfully i am able to access my phone with a mouse and an adapter.
I read here and there that downgrading is “impossible” or it requires to flash everything but i guess this would break my warranty anyway.
I tried to do a factory reset but it didn’t change anything to the OS, i’m still with the same build version that (i suppose) causes the problem.

Has anyone ever had this issue ? Is it a common/known issue with FP4 ?

As my reseller in France doesn’t help much and just suggest me to go for their over complicated and long repairing process, i contact directly Fairphone’s support.

I’ll keep you updated if this can help anyone. My best bet might be just to send back the phone to my reseller and buy another one i guess

Have a look at this topic.

And No, reflashing FPOS will not void warranty.

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Hello and thank you yvmuell for this insight !

So i got a bit impatient and indeed tried this solution.
I eventually was able to downgrade to Android 11 but it didn’t solve anything.

After that, i wanted to finish the procedure properly and relock bootloader so i may contact my reseller about it.
But it bricked the device !! i got “device corrumpted” and now nothing else that fastboot shows on the screen.

It’s been almost 3 weeks now that i contacted Fairphone but i got few answers.
After 3 replies, a video provided and some proof, the support suggest me to go back to the reseller support.
(but i know that touching the OS is out of the warranty terms for my reseller)

Fairphone support might want to follow their procedure scrupulously but i still doubt they would repair without an invoice.

Here are the precise terms if it could help anyone with that poblem :

Our Warranties for the Fairphone Devices

4.3.11 Installation of a Third Party Operating System. For instance, if You modify some Android partitions when You flash a Third Party Operating System, which makes it impossible to go back to the official Software version provided by Fairphone.

4.3.12 Improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, or any alteration or modification of the Product;

4.3.13 Service performed by anyone who is not a Fairphone representative or an authorized Fairphone service provider;

I start to regret i should have returned the product right away !

Ok I never told you to downgrade and I dont think that this was the solution in the attached topic, and just for the sake of completeness: never ever relock the bootloader after installing something with an older security patch level!

That does not make a lot sense, or even if: Their job is to take the phone and return to FP for repair. This will cost you around 50€ to reflash the system, if not handled under warranty, if then the screen stays black this issue is under warranty still.

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