Touchscreen and button inputs failing - common cause? (FP1/U)


About a week ago my touchscreen started responding to ‘ghost’ touches. I found a post here about a factory mode touchscreen test and did that. It seemed to pass the test, suggesting that it was a software problem. Then the problem seemed to resolve itself.

Today, though, the touchscreen problem has reappeared. And now, when I test it in factory mode there’s clearly a hardware problem along the right hand side of the touchscreen. AND when in factory mode the menu is scrolled through even though I’m not using the volume-down button.

That’s strange, right??

Could there be a loose connection somewhere causing unreliability in both the touchscreen and button inputs?

The phone is practically unusable at the moment so any help or thoughts really appreciated!

If the menu in recovery Testing mode scrolls by itself then it seems that something is pressing the button inside the phone. I’d suggest do open up your phone and clean it thoroughly from dust (maybe use a pressured air spray).

I’ve given that a go but it’s not made any positive difference.

And here’s an odd thing: in factory mode you should only be able to use the down volume button to move down the menus (then power button to select). But the phone is scrolling UP through the factory mode menus without me touching anything.

This is really odd! I’d see to get hold of another Fairphone 1’s screen and test, if the problems remain. If no, then your own screen is broken and needs to be replaced (unfortunately screens are out of stock at the moment… :frowning: ).

If the problem remains, then something else is causing the problem and it will be quite hard to do a remote diagnosis. You should send your phone in for repairs in that case.

Just for completeness’ sake: the ghost scrolling in factory mode has now stopped. But the touchscreen test shows that the right-hand side and the bottom-left of the screen aren’t working properly.

I have the same issue with my fairphone 2 :frowning:
For some time it worked a bit, now it stopped altogether.

The really annoying thing is that the fairphone support just ignores this.

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