FP1 Spare parts availability (batteries, displays, motherboards, etc. [out of stock!?])

Hey Stella, new displays are available Wednesday - tomorrow!


Cool, many thanks for letting me know!

As promised – the FP1 screen just returned to the shop:
(click at the picture to get there)


Yep :relieved:

I advise to get them while they’re hot - I expect them to sell out again quickly (unfortunately!)

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Good news !

Order placed.


@anon48893843 Now that the second batch of spare displays is sold out as well, any plans to re-stock them any time soon? :smile:

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Aah! My display was broken yesterday! Please fairphone, don’t tell me I have to wait for 6 months, just because I “missed” the last batch by 20 days…!


Since yesterday, I have a dead spot on my touchscreen. The screen has been cracked for some time now, but it still worked and since I knew that stocks were tight I didnt order a screen because I thought Id leave it to others whose screen was actually dead or the touch unresponsive. And now this happened…
Is there anbody out there who bought one or more screens “just in case” and who would be willing to sell me one? With a dead spot in the middle of the screen I have loads of ghost touches, some buttons can only be ticked in landscape mode or not at all, its very frustrating to use and I really cant see myself doing this 6 more months or god knows how long. Is there anybody who can help me out here? My eternal thankfulness will be guaranteed.

Here’s a picture of the dead spot:

Oh please does someone have even the slightest idea when the display (FP1U) will be back in stock? Obviously this is a pressing matter for many users and the demand far outnumbers the supply. (Any chance of ordering enough the next round?) The funny thing is that you can still send the phone in for a repair for the same issue, but it is not possible to order a screen for a DIY repair. Or am I mistaken?

I’m also very curious whether Fairphone is expecting a new batch of FP1 displays. Does someone know more?

Apparently the FP1 / FP1U battery will become available from the Fairphone Shop again next week.

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As @urs_lesse rightfully mentions, we will have FP1 batteries back in stock next week. We also plan to publish a blog next week on the current FP1 spare parts situation and how we plan to deal with the shortage for the future. So keep an eye on the blog section for more info next week!


Is its possible to buy a screen directly in China ? Its not Fairphone specific, isn’t it?

@Douwe any news on the FP1 displays?

Heads up, batteries are available again:

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But we need screeeeeeens.


you can use a bluetooth mouse or an USB OTG (adaptor from micro USB to “normal” USB) cable to connect a USB / bluetooth mouse to use the screen. bluetooth mouses require you to be able to pair them via the settings, so the screen has to be still partly responsive.

it is possible to fix water damage in some cases by using 99% alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol).

i have a problem with the display after i got the phone connected to some saltwater at the sea.


or videos on youtube.

the screen test gives this output.

i will try to clean it with alcohol tomorrow to see if it fixes it, but it would be nice if i could get a replacement unit. can you name a time when the new displays will arrive? otherwise i will have to get a replacement phone, which wouldnt be really in line with what fairphone wants us to achieve (use the least ressources as possible).

thank you!

Any news about screens? Please just let us know if we need to wait months or there is a chance to get it soon, thanks

No good news, but at least this post by Douwe should give you a realistic idea:

Especially this part:

To make it short: The prospects for any new FP1 spare screens are grim.

Also this part:

“A program to ask people to return their FP1’s in exchange for money or a discount on the FP2, so we can reuse the parts to repair other FP1’s is becoming a more realistic scenario by the day…”

@Douwe, I would hate to see the FP1 project end in such a disappointing way. Have you thought about a crowdfunding-approach, having people pay for their screens and then using the money and the advantage of knowing how many screens you need exactly to order a large quantity of spare parts? Maybe it’s easier to find a supplier if the quantity is larger.

I don’t blame you guys at all for not being able to deliver as planned, I’m just disillusioned as it once again turned out that no matter how noble your cause, if there’s no big money to be made, nobody is going to listen to you.