Touch screen doesn't work

I received my fairphone 2 in the first days of may…after two months of waiting. I charged it but when I turned it on the touch screen start typing alone…without any input from me…this way it blocked my sim card and now I must use another phone

I wrote an email to fairphone support team but nowadays I haven’t recept any answer…what should I do?

Fairphone Support is experiencing some capacity issues, so they can take weeks to reply (unfortunately).
There are various reasons reported why the screen sometimes has a mind of its own, check out the first post of this topic for an overview:

To avoid the phone blocking the SIM card again, I’d try whether workarounds help without the SIM or SD card in the phone. If you solve the problem, you can put them back again.
You could also try whether removing the screen and reassembling the phone helps; there may be some useful tips here. Other than that, the quickest way to get support is by calling them (details at the bottom of the support pages), or ask here if you’ve been waiting a long time.


thanks…I tried to work without the card inside the phone.but the problem is the same…the touch doens’t work or start typing random number when I don’t touch it

If the touch&hold delay workaround and reassemble didn’t work, you’ll have to get in touch with support (see earlier comment). Hopefully they’ll respond soon!

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