Topics/Messages deleted?

I have been searching for a very long thread/topic here in the forum, in which I’m pretty sure I also posted not too long ago (at most 6 months).
It was about the screen not being connected properly, or rather, the screen connector pins on the main board not being connected properly, meaning that one had to twist the FP2 to get the screen to show something. I have tried searching here and via google, but turned up empty. Could it be that this topic was simply deleted? There were some messages in there about “baking” the core module to repair it, so I could imagine that it was deleted to prevent people from ruining their phone that way. But I’d find it rather odd for such a long thread to just disappear completely…
I can’t find any reference to that thread in my activities as well…

Maybe this one?

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Oh indeed. I checked that in my history but somehow linked it to the other screen issue I had. Thanks and sorry for the noise!

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