Top of the FP4 power button is not working

Hi there,
I have the new FP4 and I’m happy with it but recently the power button is causing problems.

When I click on the top of it, it’s not locking, the button seems to push in further but it’s not locking. I must slide my finger down to make it usable

It’s not a big problem but I want to use this phone as long as possible so I’m looking trough every potential problem and I don’t want my power button slowy become unusable

Is someone having the same problem ?

Must I open it and verify something ? If I must, how and what to check ?
Or must I wait and if it go worse, send it for warranty ?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for my english
(Je parle français aussi)

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Anyone to help me ? The problem is getting worse !!!
And support no answering

Hi SantaHey and welcome to the community forum!

I’m sorry you have this problem. Unfortunately there’s probably not much we can do, since this is apparently faulty hardware and not something that can be repaired by the owner. The only solution seems to be to get in touch with support through the web site form or phone ( +31 20 788 4400) as advertised on the Support page. You can also use the MyFairphone app.

I think it’s likely you’ll have to send the phone back for repair. In the mean time make sure you have backed up your data, and try and use the power button as little as possible: use the fingerprint sensor to unlock, and set the screen timeout to a short time so it turns off by itself.


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