Top module faulty?

Hi Fairphoners,

Recently I’ve been having a series of problems with my Fairphone 2. I’m hoping that they are all linked to a faulty top module so that I can sort them all with one replacement. The problems are: Bluetooth doesn’t work, phone reception is awful (friends on the same network, in the same location have no problem) and my GPS only works occasionally.

Does anyone know if these issues could all be explained by a top module problem? I know that the phone receiver is in the top module, but what about Bluetooth and GPS?

Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

I don’t think any of these issues can be linked to the top module.
Unfortunately it rather sounds like a faulty main module or (hopefully) a software issue.


Nooooo! I was really hoping it wouldn’t be that. :worried: I did a complete OS reinstall of FPOOS 7.1 when I started having problems and so it looks like it’s hardware to blame rather than software. Thank you for your reply Paula.

Your FP2 has not been dropped recently has it as showing symptoms related to poor antenna reception? Might be worth checking antenna connection not loose:


Hi Aspergerguy. Thank you! That post certainly describes what I’m experiencing and the phone has definitely had some drops. I’ll investigate!


Just followed the instructions through but sadly no dislodged cable. It was worth a try but it looks like it’s something more systemic. Thanks for the suggestion Aspergerguy.

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