Tools to remote control a FP2?

I will soon be maintaining an old friend’s FP2 remotely. For the same person and an Android tablet I have used in the past services like TeamViewer or Airdroid.
An extra constraint is, my computers now runs Linux (which seemingly breaks Teamviewer midway of the connection).
I am running tests on the FP2, before offering it, so I can try anything for now.
I just tried Airdroid which, well, does only what it says it will : showing the remote screen, but without interaction.

I am wondering whether more open software, like VNC, would do the job in my case.

I briefly explored F-Droid but only found client, not servers, and I would need some help…
Any experience in the field would be very precious!

Any advice?
Thank you!

I just installed a version of TeamViewer on my Fedora 29 installation, and this seems to run fine (64bit rpm package)


SDN VPN such as ZeroTier or WireGuard might be useful. If you’re sufficient with CLI you could use OpenSSH Server. Otherwise a XRDP server might be sufficient. Have a look at

If you’re using Android, then any guide for remote controlling Android would work on FP2 as well.

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Very cool JeroenH -I converged on WebKey for now, found in the article you pointed. I’m also trying VNC while Id’ prefer one that I could find elsewhere than on the Google store, but at least WebKey does comply to this wish, and fully does the job :slight_smile:
Thanks again!
Iklaus : I believe the trouble is due to my Ubuntu installation, that is almost fossil and whose successive updates left in a bad state. My long-term goal is to restart cleany, but this will require time… Thank you anyway : you convinced me to do this cleanup :wink:

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