Too many Battery problems / FP1 very first batch

Thanks Irina!

I tried to charge the phone with very different chargers and cables and I have the same problem with my brothers battery, that’s what seems to be strange. So perhaps it doesn’t have to do directly with the battery but with the phone itself… perhaps anyone here had similar problems. I’ll try to call the support even though it seems too tricky to describe the problem on phone.

Well, since you already wrote to them, I guess you have a ticket number to which you can refer.

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That’s the battery behaviour today. It was impossible to disconnect the phone from the charger because it’s empty within seconds. But even though it doesn’t really charge, at the moment it doesn’t go further than 10% …

Is it possible that there are problems with the charging plug? I noticed that the light right at the top side of the phone doesn’t shine all the time even though it should while charging…

Yeah, this would indicate a problem with the USB connector (I recommend this topic for pictures). In this case you have two options:

  1. Buy a new motherboard (over 100€; creates a lot of waste, if only the USB connector is broken).
  2. Go to a mobile phone store and ask, if they can help you. It is reported (at least with an independent store in Vienna) that they can fix such issues within the hour, at a far less expensive price.

So it doesn’t matter which mobile phone store? I noticed that it charges better if I put the charger in a special way.

But the other problem still exists: the phone discharges far too fast, it also charges fast…

This will wear out the USB connector even more. Finding a mobile store that can do this could require some asking around.

Please do the spin test to see if your battery is bloated. If yes stop using the battery and request a new one from Fairphone support.

I did the Spin test because I already had a bloated battery about one and a half year ago. This one isn’t. Do you know where there is the independent store in Vienna cause I’ll be there just this week and should take the phone to the doctor (still didn’t get ANY answer from fairphone support itself…)

Hab’s schon gefunden, offenbar ein Shop im 7ten Wiener Bezirk.

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Buy a new battery! I hope they are available again - they were out of stock for a long time. Best regards, Susannah

They are in stock! :smiley:

Yes, thanks! I checked just after writing that and have ordered one as a spare for myself. Glad to see service is resumed.

I’m not sure if it’s a battery problem, that’s why I won’t buy a new one now. I’ve the same problem with the battery of my brothers fairphone but he doesn’t have those problems. I think it’s the usb connection and I’ll let this check today.

Just two days ago I got back my fairphone from the repairing and -what a shock!- it was worse after then before! Now the charging plug is moving around and no chance to charge anymore. I paid 39€ for this! Luckily they check my phone again, I hope they repair it now.

And I ordered a new battery too because it seems that it started to bloat. That’s annoying because I got a new one just one and a half years ago after having had my first battery bloated. So it’s my third fairphone battery within only 2 years!! The man in the cellphone-shop said, that’s possible that the fairphone works also with Samsung batteries. I’ve to check the forum for this.

I’ll let you know about the second repair of my phone, I hope it was only a little misunderstanding in the shop and they usually work good.

Fairphone replaces bloated batteries for free (even after end of the warranty period).

I would refrain from using third party batteries. Better stick with the original batteries. You don’t want anything to blow up…

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I have exactly the same problems. Sometimes the phone is charged and in the middle of the first thing I do with it, it goes off. I have to charge it again… I’m gonna write fairphone support too…

Check if your battery is bloating. (check the #batteryguide )
Using a bloated battery can be dangerous, so it may be better to use a different phone in the meanwhile in that case.

@Stefan Where have you got the info from that bloated batteries are replaced for free ? The related support article suggests otherwise unfortunately.
I got an ticket open with support for a bloated battery (FP1) for 10 days now with no response :frowning:
so I bought a new one via the shop (only place which seems to sell them) including the infuriatingly expensive shipping (I have no idea why fairphone doesn’t partner up with other distributors who could ship at a much improved price point).

That’s what I’ve heard from one of the employees (don’t remember who).

I think I am facing the same problem. Did you figure out how to solve it?
I already had both scenario. First the USB port was the problem, so an IT guy fixed (this time the red light is on, when I plug in the cable (also tried different cables). And the battery should be also okay, I had 3 month a go a bloated battery and replaced by new one. Spin test is negative.
I am getting crazy I am charging for the whole day and it stays at 20%. When I turn it off an on than it has only 13% and suddenly 22% again (but not more…) . I really need this phone, it makes me °!§$%&$.

PS: Also FP1 first batch

Hello Malin,
my fairphone works again but it’s not how it should be. In Vienna in a mobile phone shop they repaired the USB port but now the cable isn’t really fix in the port when connected, so I can’t really use the phone while charging. I also ordered a new battery after I didn’t hear from the support for weeks (they answered my question about 2 months late!) because mine started to bloat again (I got a new one after I had a bloated one only one year ago!). Actually I don’t know exactly what solved the problem with the battery status, I tried too many things to fix the problem. But I think it was because of the fixed port and the new battery.

I was really displeased with fairphone and how they treat their customers, they didn’t help to solve the problem. I paid a lot of money to fix my phone and I’m sure it’ll break again really soon. That’s why I decided not to buy a fairphone when it comes to buy a new phone…