Threema "forgets" notification sounds

Hi all,
in Threema I’m using different notification-sounds for different groups or chats, most of them “self-made” with audacity as m4a-files and ogg. After setting a notification-sound (“Benachrichtigungston”) in “Benachrichtigungseinstellungen” (notification options?) to a chat or group the right file/sound is displayed in “Benachrichtigungseinstellungen” and works as expected. But after some days (maybe after a phone restart? which I do sometimes) the sound doesn’t work any more (it isn’t played any more) and the file isn’t displayed any more in notification options. Instead of the filename a 5-digit number is shown.
That’s why I created cant-copy-music-file-to-folder-notifications because I thought that adding my self-made sound files to the system sounds files could solve the problem. But that is no convenient solution as @BeMiGro wrote (see here).
He suggested (thanks @BeMiGro!) to store my sound files in /storage/emulated/0/Threema/Ringtones but that didn’t solve my problem either.
Anybody else experiencing this? Is there a solution?
My FP2 is on FPOOS.

I have my custom times in/storage/emulated/0/Notifications and Ringtones respectively. I think that’s the supposed location, and for me it survives reboots and updates

Thanks, @lklaus, yes you’re right. That’s why I had them there before and had the same problem…
The storage directory seems to be not the reason for the loss of my sounds.

Meanwhile I contacted the Threema support and they answered me:

Threema benutzt eine Funktion des Android-Betriebssystems, um einen Benachrichtigungston auszuwählen. Die Betriebssystemfunktion gibt eine Referenz auf die entsprechende Audio-Datei in Form einer sogenannten Content-URI zurück. Die vom System verwalteten Benachrichtigungstöne haben eine persistente MediaStore Content-URI. Wenn eine andere App als die Standard-Klingeltonauswahl genutzt wird, um Tondateien ausserhalb des MediaStore auszuwählen, kann es sein - abhängig vom Content Provider -, dass diese Referenzen z.B. nach einem Reboot nicht mehr funktionieren.
Für die Tonauswahl darf deshalb nur die Standard-Klingeltonauswahl des Systems genutzt werden. Um eigene Töne festzulegen, müssen diese mit einer App wie Ringdroid korrekt im MediaStore hinterlegt werden. Wir empfehlen Ihnen deshalb, es mal mit Ringdroid zu versuchen.

That sounds like truth to a greenhorn.:wink:
So I edited all my selfmade ringtones using Ringdroid and stored them as “Rufzeichen” because my phone also “forgets” ringtones! I did the same with my selfmade notification-sounds as “Benachrichtigung” and chose them for individual notification-sounds of my Threema chats.
Now I hope my problem is solved.
Wait and see

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