Can't copy music-file to folder "notifications "

Hi all!
In Threema I’m using different notification-sounds for different groups or chats. I generated various sounds as m4a-files and ogg with audacity and want to copy them to root/system/media/audio/notifications which contains the system OGG-sound-files. But after copying and pasting the files they are not shown in the directory. Therefore I can’t choose them with Threema since they can’t be found in the notifications-folder.
I’m rooted and use Amaze with super-user-rights (at least I think so, since I can browse the root-folders). When checking the properties of the notifications-folder I can tap “Berechtigungen” (user-priviliges?) but nothing happens so nothing can be changed.
How can I copy my files to the notifications-directory?

Hm, found a solution by not using the “medienspeicher” (eng.:media-storage?) but Amaze instead and could now choose any folder and file. That did the trick.

But anyway, is there a possibility to add files to a system-directory?
Blessings to all readers!

Afaik the system partition is mounted read-only during normal operation, so you would have to re-mount it in rw mode. However, I never tried this myself.
Additionally those system partition modifications might be overwritten during firmware updates, so probably putting the files somewhere on the data partition and using your way to access the files might be the easier option in the end.

Thanks @BeMiGro!

Afaik the system partition is mounted read-only during normal operation

Ok, so I learned that the system-partition can’t be changed that easy and found a work around.

My phone is running LineageOS, but maybe this also works out for you: I found a path /data/media/0/Threema/Ringtones, maybe you can place you files there to use them as Threema notification sounds.

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