Three SIM card not recognised

I tried using a registered Three(3) SIM card into my FP2. The phone can read the SIM serial number but thats it. Doesn’t register with the network the phone number or operator. I tried the SIM in a Sony phone which works ok - can even call the voicemail. When putting the SIM back in the FP2 again it doesn’t read it. The Giffgaff SIM works fine. Any ideas?

Did you try both SIM slots?


Good shout!

Replaced my GG SIM with the SMARTY (also 3) in slot 1 and that registered and can make a call.

Seems slot 2 has limited functionality?

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll try my 3 SIM tonight


Only one slot can be used for 3G/4G, the other is limited to 2G then. Does your provider still support 2G?

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