The song in the Service tests

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On the Fairphone 3 there are Service tests available via Settings - System - Advanced - Developer options (how to enable them in Android is all over the internet) - Service Menu - Service tests.

The tests labelled “Speaker” and “Receiver Test” play a Chinese song (“Receiver Test” recommended for listening, as the “Speaker” test is very loud).

There are no obvious credits in sight (Is this even legal?) … so what is it?

Apparently (thanks again, Shazam) it’s taken from “故乡的云” by “徐美澜”.
The tests loop a section of about 50 seconds from 00:32 to 01:22.

I have no clue about legit sites in the Chinese internet, but if you are interested and feel daring, you can listen to the whole thing here.
An album containing the song as track No. 10 is here on Apple Music.

It seems to be quite popular, there’s a bunch of rather ceremonious performances by different singers on Youtube, too.



(Different performer though.)

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