Anybody know what music is being used in this Fairphone video?

Luwaks - “Hurrungane”

(Thanks to Shazam … it has its uses :slight_smile: .)


Thanks. :slight_smile:
I knew I didn’t have to use predatory software myself as someone else would do it for me. :blush:

Just wait until you hear that I used my backup phone for this … Windows 10 Mobile :slight_smile: .


Fairphone met my taste in music again. But what is it this time?

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Found by a friendly Swiss Fairphoner. It’s my taste as well. BIG TIME. :sunglasses:

Non-Google site:

Apparently library music.

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Shouldn’t it be quiet in libraries? :wink:

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Spot on :wink: Just in case others don’t know: Library music is music for rent for commercials, films, TV productions etc. Often composed for this general purpose, but sometimes also secondary use of original movie scores.