The screen doesn't work? I don't know what' happening to my device

Hello everybody

Today my phone has falled out of my hands to the floor (short distance, I was sitting), and now it doesn’t work. When I press the ON/OFF button it makes some sound, but anything else. I don’t know if I’ve broken the screen or there I anything else? Anyone knows how can I know this?

Thank you!

Also, I live in Barcelona, and don’t know if there’s any place where I can go in order to receive help for fixing the device,

Try gently pressing the display and the rest of the phone together at the edges. The plastic clips that hold them both together might have loosened.


Thank you, I’ve tried, but at the moment it doesn’t seems to work

ok, then you might want to disassemble it and put it properly back in place. Here’s a set of instructions, it only takes the screwdriver that you already have in the Fairphone box:

You can also set the instructions to another language if needed (at the right of the top menu bar).


Also tried, but still don’t work. Only makes a sound when using the ON/OFF button, but nothing in the screen. I guess it’s broken? I’ve also tried to connect the device to the computer, but nothing changed…

Thank you for the help!

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Well, if the plastic clips have audibly clicked into place and there still isn’t anything shown on it, there might indeed be a hardware problem. Is the LED still responsive when you try to charge the FP3? Vibration when you turn on the device?

In normal times, I would suggest to contact the Barcelona Fairphone Angel, but given the current Corona pandemic, I guess that might not be feasible. You don’t happen to have another family member or a friend with a FP3? That would allow you to test a different display module on your FP3.

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Few days ago I dropped my fp3 from a height of 4 meters on a hard floor (oops) luckily it was in the official rubber case and nothing happened.
The screen itself might have cracked or just contacts came loose, try see if there is any visual damage to it, see if the screen module contacts are loose. The point of the phone is that you can actually get inside of it with only a screwdriver.

Thank you!

By the moment I’m in a strange point… Yesterday my phone finally worked, spend all day normally, until this morning. Now, it seems to work, but reacts very slowly at the ON /OFF button, and also is very slowly reacting when I touch the screen. I’ll try to contact Fairphone Angel, but now all this makes me think about a problem in the screen, although there is not any visual damage in it.

Well, at the moment I never got an answer from Fairphone itself. Miquel from Barcelona has given my advices, but for the moment without succés. The Phone does not work, I’ve tried to restore IT but now is worse… I don’t know what to do, but i’m really dissapointed with the Fairphone help center :frowning:

While waiting for a better answer, you could try to reassign the buttons within the accessibility menu to power on/off the phone with another button (if possible) or a shortcut. I don’t own a FP3, so I can’t make you a tutorial, but you could find some hints there: How to activate the secret accessibility menu with the basic functions of Android | How smart Technology changing lives

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