The ringtone doesn't ring anymore

On my Fairphone FP1 the ringtone doesn’t ring anymore.
The vibrating alarm works. The speakers are working, because it can be played music.
A restart of the device can not eliminate the error. So what can I do?
Thank you! Best regards, Gerhard

Maybe the wrong audio profile is activated.
Swipe down in the home screen so that the notification area becomes visible. Tap the icon in the top-right corner (with the little person and te five square blocks around it). Now tap the “audio profiles” button. If the “Silent” audio profile is highlighted, then tap the “General” audio profile and your ringtone should play again.

Hi @gwhs

This may seem rather obvious, but have you checked you have the volume up for the ringtone? It is possible to have different volumes for ringtones and alarms.

If it’s not the volume or audio profile it could be a corruption in the ringtone file - I’ve seen that before on an old phone I used to own.

Let us know how you get on

Hi @gwhs,
it is not always obvious but you have different audio volumes in the Fairphone. The others already suggested some solutions, i thought i would guide you and possibly other with the same problem to right settings page:

Open Settings, scroll do device and click Audio profiles.

Check which profile is actived (look for blue dot in the checkbox. Next to the active profile there is a small button on the right symbolising 3 controllers. Tap that to open the Profile Settings.

Under General, tap Volumes.

No you can see and indivually customize the volume for ringtone and alarms.

Submit your settings and open Voice call ringtone in Incoming Calls just to be sure.

Here you see which ringtone is selected. By tapping this one or another, you should hear a sample with the just onfigured volume.

Good luck!


Thank you all so much - not sure how my phone got onto silent though but first ever mobile so all a bit of a learning curve. Very helpful people. love Stacey x

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