Silent alarm clock and timer


I´ve got two problems with the clock app:

  1. When using the timer and the time elapses, the numbers turn red and continue counting towards minus infinity, but there is no sound.
  2. When using the alarm clock, very often the volume is set to zero without me ever changing it that way. Because of this, I´ve already made a habit to go to the settings and turn the volume up every evening after activating the alarm clock, and nearly every time the volume is set to zero.

The version of the clock app I´m using is 2.0.3.


Hi @richie,

regarding the alarm sound: The Android volume settings are quite confusing, maybe this can help you: The ringtone doesn't ring anymore


This really is confusing, but apparently changing the settings in the audio profile solved both my problems.

Glad this solved your problem.

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