The phone doesn't charge

Hey everyone, how are you?
On Monday evening I put my Fairphone 3 on charge, but when I woke up on Tuesday morning I noticed that the battery charge had not increased. I tried later in the day to charge the phone, but always with no real result. Yes, sometimes the phone would have a reaction (the light would come on, or vibrate and the word “fairphone” would appear on the screen for a few seconds), but never did the phone actually charge (even when it was switched on, it was noticeable that the phone did not detect the charger). Given the past problems I’ve had, I then tried disassembling the phone into its various modules, to see if there was dirt or moisture inside the phone, but didn’t find anything (even the sticker inside is white, not red). The USB input may contain some dust, but it doesn’t seem to be in such a quantity as to hinder charging.
Honestly, I can’t explain the cause of the problem, and I don’t even know what I could do to solve the problem. Do you have any advice on what I could do?
Thanks in advance for your help and cooperation!

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But maybe it does, as a lot of people here claimed, that cleaning the USB port worked for them. Also cleaning the battery contacts sometimes helps, using a different cable or charger.


Thank you Icanus for your answer. I’ve actually already tried with another cable and i’ve also already cleaned the battery contacts (sorry, I’ve forgotten to say it in the previous message). I’ve also tried to clean the usb port, with no result.

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Hi Federico,

I’m guessing you’ve had your phone about a year, maybe longer.
If you’re in the habit of putting the phone to charge most nights, the battery may be getting to the end of its useful life. If you have the possibility of measuring the voltage, it should be around 3.8 - 4.2. Does the battery show any signs of swelling (sometimes called bloating) - i.e. sides slightly curved outwards when they are normally flat? If so, remove it and don’t use it, it could be dangerous.

Exactly, around a year.

Ok. I don’t have the chance to measure the voltage of the battery, but I will look for a possibility to do it. Anyway, the battery doesn’t show (at least to me) any visible sign of swelling, but I will be careful. Thank you for your reply!

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The battery should be fine with charging every day. Further it is guaranteed for two years so contact Fairphone anyway.

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since 2 days my phone does not charge anymore.i tryed several kabels and chargers.the phone recognices the charger but does not charge