The people can hear me with the hand free kit and then suddenly can not hear me any more

Hello Fairphoners,

I have got a new trouble with my Fairphone 2 for a few weeks. I call people wish a hand free kit. At the beginning of the call, the conversation partner hear me for a few seconds. And then he can not hear me any more. Most of the time, he stops the call. I have the same trouble with all the contacts. But if I call without the hand free kit, there is not any trouble.

The current headphones in-ear fit is a Samsung EO-EG920B. I have also tried with another one, a SONY STH30. There is the same problem.

I have tried to replace the new top module with a one older. There is the same trouble.

I have the latest update (Fairphone OS 18.02.0).

I prefere to call with a hand free kit because there is less electro magnetic waves.

How can I fix the problem ?



Might the trouble be caused by the headphone jack?

Although I have not experienced any problems with my (different) headphones, maybe the handsfree-kit coming loose is causing your troubles?
Someone has cut out the cover a bit to allow for the jack to be pluged in more secure.
If your trouble is of that kind, that’s the only solution I know of, besides finding a handsfree-set, that fits.

Well, I have tried with two hand free kits. I could try with a third one.

I have also changed recenly the slim case. Maybe the hand free connector does not plugs in properly because of the slim case. Has anybody tried to use a hand free kit with the new generation of slim cases without any problem can suggest me some models ?

Do you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your area, you could possibly contact? They might have different handsfree kits you could try. Perhaps there’s a fairphoner meeting you could attend? They have them regularly in Austria (Vienna) and Germany (Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Freiburg, Aachen, Düsseldorf) as far as I know; and there are other groups e.g. in Spain (Barcelona, they met March 1st), UK (Bradford).

I just have some headphones from Musical Fidelity with a microphone but hardly any experience in using them for calls even though taking calls works. Those headphones are still sold but out of production for quite a while. I would classify them primarily as headphones and not as hands-free sets.
Those headphones do fit perfectly.

That is a good idea. Unfortunately there is not any fairphoneangel in France, especially in Brittany.


I have bought a new hand free kit, “1More E1001”. But there is the same problem.

I have made a new test. I have remove the back part of my fairphone case. And I have called someone. The conversation partner was able to ear me. So I think that there is a problem with the case. Maybe the connector is not able to plug in deep enough.



Yes, that problem has been reported before, though I don’t share it. Someone even did modify the cover.
As I am on mobile right now, searching the forum to add a link is not really convenient. So you might give it a try. There is even a thread or wiki with headsets / headphones that work.

I have contacted the Fairphone support team. They helped me to fix the problem. The solution is to reset the Fairphone to the factory settings.
Go to the addresse below.

Follow the instructions in the section “If your Fairphone 2 starts normally”.

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