The output speaker for calls/youtube sounds horrible

Just got my fp4 today and was really excited to get it… until i heard how poor the sound quality when playing a youtube video. It legitimately sounds like it’s being played through a brass tube - no low end frequency, it’s all mid and high frequency tones. It sounds identical to what you would hear from a walkie talkie

I have the same issue with phone calls. The persons voice sounds equally butchered.

I’m working on updating it right now, but i couldn’t find anything in the updates related to audio aside from bluetooth related fixes so that probably wont change much. Also, I tried the troubleshooting menu but it can’t really distinguish poor quality coming out of the speaker.

Has anyone else experienced this? I would greatly appreciate any help in figuring this out, if this is how the speaker is then it would be nice to get confirmation on that as well


Edit: On the product page for the loudspeaker replacement, the description reads “So when your music or gaming sounds like it’s from the 1920s, it’s time to replace your loudspeaker.” What Im hearing could also be described like that, despite my phone being brand new. I bought it from ebay, and the seal to get to the phone didnt appear tampered with in any way.

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