The other party does not hear me talking

If I phone someone, they hear me but I don’t hear them.
This is through the phone, i.e. no headset.

This what I’ve tested:

  • If I use a Bluetooth headset, there are no issue. I hear the other party.
  • All other audio seems to work fine, either through the speaker or a headset: MP3 files, video, notification sounds, …

I have not tested plugging in a fixed headset, because I don’t have one.

What can be going on, what could be a fix?

I have seen this issue but that did not help:

To specifically test the earspeaker, you can use

Settings > System > Maintenance > Checkup

You didn’t specify if your MP3 files, videos etc. were audible just through the rear speaker or also through the earspeaker. Checkup makes it easy to test both individually.

Also, I assume you were speaking of phone calls in a conventional way (phone at your ear and cheek), not “loud” calls with display in front of your face?

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Indeed, that test fails for the Ear speaker (Rear speaker works). So that would be a hardware problem. I’ll open the phone and re-engage all those pogo connectors. Could the phone jack be interfering?

I don’t think that the audio jack is interfering here. You might need to replace the top module.

Please note that only the first version of the top module is still available. It includes the original 2 MP selfie camera. The updated version including the 5 MP selfie camera is no longer available.

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O, wait! My selfie camera had issues too - pictures taken with the standard camera app were much too dark (with Open Camera the photos weer fine). I never would have added those together without your remarks :wink: Well let me dis- and reassemble the phone and repoprt back. That’s still worth a try…

The Selfie Camera issue is more likely a software issue when you have installed Android 9 and are using the stock camera app.


Please try the app Open Camera.

Final message: I opened the phone, unscrewed front and back modules, pressed the pogo connectors a few times, put everything back together again and now it works. Must have been some bad contact…


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