The New Fairbuds: Nine things you need to know

I am excited how future software updates improve the buds.

You already have the most recent firmware?


was there any official reaction to the topic of Open source Fairbuds App?


As this is a Q&A for the new Fairbuds, what was the reason for only adding SBC and AAC? Also that would have been the decoder licence fee for:

AAC different versions

and OPUS.


Thx for the reply, gonna ask the dev for them not adding SBCXQ and OPUS.

Good answer, but if you’re avoiding proprietary codecs, then why didn’t you add SBC-XQ or Opus? Both are license-free and open source.

This is a question that @BobVI can answer :wink:

During the development of the Fairbuds, we made sure to select a chipset that could support higher fidelity codecs like LDAC. But, due to a combination of business implications (licensing), as well development impact (integration, testing, ensuring the impact on battery life is not too excessive for example), we did not prioritise the implementation of extra codecs at launch. Also, considering that AAC is sufficient to stream Spotify’s highest quality streams, we had to conclude that for the majority of the users, AAC would be sufficient for now. But, we won’t rule out that a future firmware update might include support for a new codec.


Hey, I can also open a new thread, but I guess it is quickly answered. Is anyone aware if there is any supply problem for the buds or so? I placed an order for 3 pair of buds at the 20th of April, but there is still no shipping started message yet (still in preparation). Does is make sense to contact the support or should I be patient a bit longer? :thinking:

First batch of black was already sold out around a week ago, have seen it somewhere on social media…

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Oh OK, they are all black :relieved:

How long does it usually take until a new batch is available?

Ordering now…


Excellent and thx, as expected from a transparent company and devs. I’m very surprised that we got a answer while other brands don’t disclose the choice of codecs, I’m looking at Google, the Qualcomm gang, HWA, Samsung and Sony.


Is it known whether the Fairbuds meet Australian regulatory requirements for replaceable coin cell batteries?

This is wonderful news! But I can’t help but notice the uncertain wording. Assuming you guys will not put development time into new codecs in the future, is there a way for you guys to give out tools to the community to do it themselves?

My spouse and me love strolling around hearing music. During the last few years we used two pairs of cabled plugs with a Y-cable on an her FP3, since my FP4 does not have an audio jack anymore. But the FP3 is dying on SW problems and the cables are a constant burden, especially in busses, trams and trains. Thus, we would like to switch to Fairbuds, but it seems they do not support Auracast for both playing the same music.

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Oh yes, several listeners conected to the same source is definitely a demandable feature!


creating a new codec is hard as it is, they picked AAC because thats what Apple optimized for. SBC is sub optimal like the name but Fairphone should max out the output for SBC HD/XQ/HQ as its possible to do. Most codecs are based on it.

Possible codec is Opus and LC3 as the decoder should cost money.

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