The New Fairbuds: Nine things you need to know

Fairbuds (small & XL) are now 20 % off at the official store. It’s a Mother’s Day promotion that’s valid until May 12th. Don’t worry if the full price is shown at first. It will magically get cheaper several steps into the ordering process before you pay.

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This doesn’t work out of the box for me. I tried both as a guest customer as well as with my Fairphone Shop login, and it’s the full price each time. I have followed the checkout process almost completely until the end, only stopped short of “Paying”. – Are you perhaps entering the shop through a link from a promotion email?


I also have not landed on the reducted price when using the general website. Furthermore there is nothing in the legal paperwork on that, Fairphone Promotions and Offers - Fairphone.

With just three more days of the campaign, I feel/fear it has not been properly executed.

Oh, bummer. You’re right. You seem to need these links:


Fairbuds XL

They might only work in Germany. Good luck!

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Thank you I got the newsletter myself. Just didn’t get the vibe that the promotion was exclusive to the newsletter recipients that is why I feel it’s poorly executed and/or communicated. But anyway it’s a nice offer

Exactly. That’s why I didn’t even thought of posting the links as it seemed like an offer for everyone (just like the second battery).

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I clicked the link in the promo email, and I successfully ordered it (to Hungary) at a discounted price. I guess I will now be a proud owner of a black XL OwO


Anyone managed to order the buds with a discount without subscribing to the newsletter?

Just in case any /e/OS users here are interested, very few observations by me on Fairbuds on /e/OS:


Question, what SoC does the Fairbuds use. I could only find BE brand on SIG database.

Because I only found this:

Its either the BES200-ish to 2700ish DSP. Looks like Fairphone is using the same BES chip as Pine64 that has open source in mind.