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I’ve noticed that if I edit an old post, e.g. in order to correct a typo or a spelling/grammar mistake, the thread goes to the top of the thread list as if a new reply has been posted. I find this unnecessary and misleading and therefore slightly annoying. No big deal, but if it could be dealt with it would be an improvement.

Yeah, but what if someone adds an important fact to their post after some time, e.g. further info about a bug?

Good point, but in that case maybe the best thing is to simply write a new post? Especially if it’s a long thread with 40-something posts and I edit post no. 14…

In that case, I guess a new post would be better. I was thinking about, when it is e.g. the most recent post. In general many new forum members should do things, of which they don’t know of, e.g. if someone doesn’t get summoned with a @ they sometimes don’t notice they are being talked to.

Hi @kgha and @Stefan

I understand both opinions on this but that is an option chosen by the developers at Discourse, so nothing the Fairphone-team can change.

I thought so…

But the thing with summoning people really should be more advertised, maybe in the sticky Welcome-post.

It seems to me, that editing posts does no longer make them appear on top of the topic list? Can you reproduce this?

I updated the Austrian Fairphoners thread and it did not jump up.

I tried clicking on the link and then erasing the _json part. There was a string visible, which indicates that the information is there, just that it can’t be displayed graphically…

BTW.: I can see the badges of others, just my own don’t work. Tried this on Firefox for Android 34.1.

This topic is outdated, check the newer one:

For information about the badges error, read on here:

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