👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members) - Offers and questions

In this topic, please feel free to ask questions and/or offer to become a fairphoneangel! :smiley:

Please see the explanatory topic here:


Hello :slight_smile:

I would like to join in as a Fairphone Angel! I’ve seen from the community map that we don’t have anyone in London, and this is a great place I think I can offer support from. I read heavily in the community, and have strong knowledge and experience with FPOS, Fairphone Open, and Lineage.

Let me know if I can be the first in London!


Hi @anthony, sorry for not replying for such a long time!

If he hasn’t done so already, a Guardian Angel will get in touch very soon. :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan :slight_smile:

No problem, Chris has been in touch to get me started.


Hi guys! Munich calling. I’m living there, and could help people in French, German and English. So I’d be happy to start a helping community there!


Are you in touch with the Munich Fairphoners?

for Augsburg and Munich, write me in!


Maybe you are still interested now that there’s already an Angel base (JBap & jayy) in your area, @Paule? :slight_smile:

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Adding to this the Augsburg contact @vthejay.

Sorry, I switch to German for a second : Klar, solange es mir beruflich möglich ist und ich es überhaupt kann helfe ich gerne in Augsburg mit.

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Hey everyone,
I’m from Bochum, Germany. Count me in ;-]

Hi @charlie! Good to read it. One of the #fairphoneangels will get in touch soon! :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m from Gladbeck (Ruhrgebiet, NRW) and can provide support with Android and flashing custom ROMs. Also can help with repairing a phone if one doesn’t or can’t do it by himself.

In the near future I do plan on attending the meetup in Düsseldorf. Just not sure when.


Great! Do you think it would be a good idea to unite Bochum and Gladbeck because of the functionally connected Ruhr area?

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Yes, totally! With the public transit it’s easy to hop around cities in the area. I frequently travel to Bochum for appointments. Here’s a rough list of cities in the area (that I can think of right now and I reach with my public transit ticket.):
Gladbeck, Bottrop, Essen, Oberhausen, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund.

At weekends and national holidays I can travel through the whole VRR network. (https://vrr.de - there should be a map.)

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Please put me on the list for Moray / Scotland - Forres / Findhorn area. I know we have a couple of Fairphoners here. I can offer an FP surgery as part of our T-Exchange Moray Firth Makerspace. We meet every third Friday of the Month (This evening I am going to show how to replace the camera modules…). And - time permitting - I can offer some wee help outside these “office hours”.


Hey, I want that cool badge too, @Stefan! :wink:

I can meet in Madrid and Madrid area, Spain. I frequently visit Medialab Prado, which is a centric place for peer collaboration and workshops from the Madrid city council. It has OSM or Wikimedia groups, for example, and had a Mozilla group too.

But I’m more reachable online. I’m a frequent collaborator on the forum (trust level 4) since I got a FP2, I also manage the WeAreFairphone group in GitHub with @Stefan, whom I helped with that awesome map you see above, got my hands dirty trying to make FPOOS better and Google-less (#livingwogoogle) and porting LOS with awesome people + making microG easily installable, and I didn’t assist to any EFCT yet because I’m a terrible trips planner, :sweat:


Great! :smiley: I added you to the @Angels. You are Angel No. 25. :sunglasses:


Are Angels no longer added to the map? (Scotland, Bochum, Madrid)

Those heavens are still “under construction”. :wink: