The different screws of the FP2

Thanks! Turns out I had to remove all the screws - even some that are hidden under the metallic part that has the camera and headphone drawings. What’s worse - half of these screws needed a Torx T-5 screwdriver and the other half needed a Torx T-6 ?? For instance, the two screws next to each other that you marked with the red circle, right above the microphone module - one of those needed a T-5 and the other needed a T-6. Makes it almost impossible to keep track of which screw goes where, because they might not be interchangeable. (Either that, or I unscrewed too many parts)

I might come up with a more detailed guide when it’s time to tear apart my (still working) phone. Now I experimented on a broken one.


This should be the intended distinction being made between the screws Fairphone encourage you to loosen to take apart the phone into its several modules (marked blue in the phone) and the screws you are not encouraged to loosen which hold together the parts that form a module. That you need a different screwdriver for the latter is probably meant to pause your action for a chance to think it over once again (well, too late now :wink: ). See also here at iFixit Teardown.

Citing Fairphone 2 Warranty: “Your Fairphone 2 is designed to open and to repair. However, the same does not apply for the modules. Please seriously consider to neither open nor take apart the modules. We strive to make the process as easy as possible for an average user for replacement of modules, however technical knowledge and skills are still required for anyone to safely open or take apart the modules without causing damage. Bear in mind that opening/ taking apart your modules may cause damage that is not covered by this Warranty.”

Well, Fairphone support told me that my core module is out of warranty now anyway, because of the broken pin. So nothing to lose here. :wink:

iFixit actually only mentions a T5 and a Phillips #0:

I haven’t disassembled a module itself, but I can confirm that the screws holding the modules in place are Phillips #0.

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You’re right of course, I should have thought more about why a Phillips isn’t useful for Torx :slight_smile: . But then the T6 mentioned by @vivia would really be kind of odd … variance in production, or a touch of socialist economy of scarcity when they ran out of T5 temporarily :slight_smile: ?

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Yes, the screws that hold the modules in place are all Phillips. The others are Torx. I was also surprised, especially by the fact that they seemed to be in pairs - a pattern of one T5 and one T6 holding together the same part. So this looks deliberate.

I also have another phone (from the same order, so they’re most likely twins in production). When the time comes to take apart this one, I’ll report back. But someone might want to try and see what works for them - without actually unscrewing the phone, just seeing which screwdriver fits where. I’m curious now :slight_smile:


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