FP2: MicroSIM adapter broke SIM card slot pin

The slots are not sold separately. I guess the best thing you can do is get a new motherboard and sell the old one on the #market to someone who doesn’t need two SIMs.


I am having the same issue. Are the motherboards out of stock at the moment?

I just wish to say a thank you all for this topic.
I had the same issue, I ordered the proposed SIM reader parts (from aliexpress, as it was significantly cheaper, even if I ordered 10 of it), and also with some help managed to replace the damaged one.
Without the topic, and the description, that this was possible for someone else, I would have gave up.
So a big thank you all, I my world is bright again.


Hi everyone!

I took the decision to replace my SIM card slot, now that I found a replacement. One question though: How do you remove the big semi-translucent plastic above the SIM cards? I haven’t managed to find instructions for that, and iFixIt only shows that it’s possible, but without showing how :frowning:

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I think you have to open the screws on the inside of the midframe:


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Hi FPs (friendly peoples) I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. But I soldered it, and it works fine now.

You’ll need:

  1. Very still hands
  2. A soldering Iron
  3. A solder for electronic work
  4. A grinding tool
  5. A broken sim-card slot

if you still have the broken metal piece which is about this tiny: - try to solder that on, I lost two of them so I just made two solderballs where the metal pieces were. then grind it down flat, til the SIM card just gets bent a little bit, when you push it in. Make sure they DON’T touch eachother and it touches the SIM Card. it still has to touch the metal pieces, which aren’t broken, so this is a little tricky.


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Hi, please can you give us the link of the aliexpress product? thanks!

As I guess, @pipacsba1 was referring to this posting by @Cocolade

You will find the mentioned parts on aliexpress at 0.25 $ each.

Or you get it on eBay from 2.69 € each.

Just some searching on those pages did the trick. :wink:

I’ve just encountered the same problem here breaking off one of SIM 1’s pins as I was switching SIM cards to use both as a dual sim phone. I would really like to fix this somehow, especially as I’ve just invested $ on replacing the headphone module and a new battery! I don’t have any experience of soldering or anything, are they are tips for someone like me to try to find someone? I.e. what sort of person/shop does this and should I order a part beforehand?

There is no substitute sim card slot, as with other phone providers. Do it yourself or buy a new motherboard for 379 euros. Welcome to the family of sustainability.

That’s the true sustainability of Fairphone

You do realize you are answering very old posts and the parts in question have long been found and posted in this very topic?

Any particular grievance we can help you with?

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I broke one pin on my SIM card slot on my fairphone while removing a sim card.
See attached picture :

Any idea how I can repair this on my FP2 ?
My wife is also having FP2 on which I got same issue so it seems that the SIM card slot is pretty fragile… :frowning:

I moved you post here. You’ll find some info above, but unfortunately fixing the slot is not easy.

You are right that the SIM slots were a weak point with the first FP2s. Fairphone later changed to a different design of the slots, so they don’t break, but that doesn’t really help you now.

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Maybe a good idea to look for #repairshops. I found one in Augsburg that did that job for me. I organized the SIM tray, and they did the repair.

And for the future: Don’t use these SIM Card adapter, the tend to destroy the SIM tray of the FP2.

Your tip most probably saved my SIM card reader ! It had a SIM card adapter inside and I feared I couldn’t take it out without breaking the pins…

However, after taking the screen off to make some room (not pictured in the photo) and a piece of post-it paper folded in three, I managed to carefully slide it between the pins and the adapter all the way to the depth of the reader, then carefully pull the adapter out with tweezers. :slight_smile:

Thank you !

And for everyone : NEVER EVER put a SIM adapter in a SIM reader WITHOUT a SIM card in it !!!



My FP2 had 1st SIM on 4G (phone/SMS) and 2nd SIM on 2G (data only). Everything fine.
In April 2021, Swisscom abandoned 2G in whole of Switzerland.
I expected this to make my data-only SIM on SIM-2 slot unusable but was very surprised that SIM-1 on 4G was affected too, in fact the whole FP2 behaved in a very strange and nearly unusable way.
Finally, m-budget/Swisscom support told me they had had similar cases with other FairPhones and all of them were solved by (first of all) taking off the other SIM card…
which I tried hard but because of the pin problems described in this post (SIM with adapter stuck) this was nearly impossible. When I finally got it out, things worsened. I had to do a factory reset and now everything seems to work again, except it is no longer a dual-sim phone.

My local FP repair shop told me I could forget about SIM-2 because they would have to change the motherboard (frustrating in terms of sustainability).
Before I dare buying an FP3, can you assure me that this problem is solved on FP3 (no more broken pins on SIM slots)?

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