The difference of SDcards?

Hi. I crossed my path when it comes to and, what is the difference of them? Can fairphone 3 use them both?

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Mainly, the extreme will have a faster file transfer speed from the phone to the card and vice versa compared to the ultra (160MB/s versus 100MB/s).

Theoretically, they should, but sometimes there can be compatibility problems, and FP don’t promise anything about cards working above 64GB. You can’t be 100% sure before trying, or if someone has tried them in their FP3.


Thank you @Alex.A i going buy one in black Friday/cyber Monday :blush:.

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Don’t forget this:

I would wait for someone to confirm, or at least I would try them before buying them. You are aware it might not work because of compatibility problems?

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Well, I have a SanDisk Ultra 256 GB in my FP2, that is working fine.
For using the SD card in a phone, you won’t need the extra-speed, the “Extreme” will offer.
The performance should make no difference, even when streaming videos in hd from the card.

I guess, I have a 400 GB Ultra lying around somewhere and will check tomorros, if it works in my wife’s FP3. If I find it, I will let you know the result.


Frankly, I think Fairphone doesn’t promise anything about SD cards of any size, regardless of 64 or 256 or 400. I actually suspect that the SD card size of 400 GB they are stating in the FP3 and FP3+ specs is referring to feedback about cards right here in the Fairphone Community Forum.


I have a Kingston Canvas 128GB card in my FP3. Never had a problem with it. I’ve about 40GB of music, videos and photos on it.


Hi @Violet_lilly,
in fact, I had a SanDisk Extreme 400GB lying around (not the Ultra one). Must have been a special offer. I still stick with my statement, that the Ultra is fast enough.

I am on /e/ and not on Android, so this might make a difference.
When inserting the SD-card, I got an error message and the request to format the card.
That was a thing of rather seconds than minutes.
After that it works fine. The system presents 394GB of memory. I moved some pictures to the card and that works fine.

I can not really use the file manager “Ghost Commander” for the card, as I can not create directoriies and move/copy files. But it can be done using the system “Storage Access Framework”, that can be accessed from the file-manager.

So, it works fine.
And I am absolutely sure, that the Ultra will work as well; even more so, since I use the 256GB Ultra in my FP2.

Here is the product page for both cards. You might want to take a look, if the extra performance promised for the Extreme card makes you feel you need one. :wink:
SanDisk Ultra 400GB
SanDisk Extreme 400GB


Don’t be too sure :wink:
For my FP2, I had a 128GB SanDisk Ultra Plus, and it didn’t work. Yet the 128GB SanDisk Ultra (not Plus) worked. Sometimes, there are little difference that can pose compatibility problems. See my topic here: :uk: SD card problem :fr: Problème de carte SD.
Although you are right and both will probably work without any problems, that’s why I think you can’t be 100% sure before testing.


“SanDisk Extreme 400GB lying” that’s is so perfect! For I going use also soon /e/ OS when I getting a laptop. Thank you for researching! But so that’s means I can’t use extreme for manage files?

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I guess the restriction with the file manager is not caused by the card, but it is a restriction by the OS. Android has restricted this access at some point. But the /e/ file manager is working just fine.
So, yes, you can manage files on the SanDisk Extreme", just not using Amaze or Ghost Commander.

Oh okay, are these apps part of main /e/ OS?

No, I installed them especially from f-droid.
The /e/-file manager is the one, that is working.
So, you can rest assured. Everything will work fine. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using a 256GB Samsung EVO card since I got my FP3+ on 1 October 2020. It worked perfectly well for setting up, transferring my address book and themes from my previous phone (Foxconn m512) and installing apps. For about a week and a half, no problems, then the stock camera app failed, so I installed Open Camera, and that worked for about a week and then that failed, and now the SD card is no longer visible.

I find it hard to believe that the SD card has switched from being compatible to being incompatible in a week, so I suspect flaky software or flaky hardware connections or communications between modules.

In short, I’m disappointed in the quality of this almost-but-not-quite ready for market phone.

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Thank you for telling me it fails at the cam. It sucks if it doesnt work with SD-cards :frowning:

FWIW my new 3+ seemed quite happy with a 512GB “Lexar” brand (A2/U3 speed) card as “portable storage”, it recognised and read the files on the card, as well as dumping the usual android directories on it. I’m dropping back to a 256GB card for now, but might buy a faster 512GB one later if/when I run out of space (I like lots of music and photos on my phone)

The Lexar card came from AliExpress, the current 256GB “BlitzWolf” one from BangGood.

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