The battery discharges/drains very quickly, FP2 unusable

Hi there,
I already sent a message to the support but I don’t really expect an answer (at least soon) so I’m coming to seek help here among you.
I’m very disappointed because I can’t use my FP2 anymore. I had some problems recently because my battery wasn’t always fully charging. Sometimes also I guess the phone wasn’t recognizing the charging cable and it would repetitively switch the charge on and off, but plugging in and out the charge cable was enough to settle the things right.
But today I had a problem. I started charging my phone to maybe an old plug and then I noticed since then that the problem of the switch on/off was now always and also, when I unplug my phone, the battery discharges completely in a few seconds/minutes.
Honestly my phone is not even 2 years old so if I could get a good explanation from the staff it’d be nice.
And even if I don’t get a partial refund (…), what should I change? The battery? The bottom Module?? Both???
I really need help because I don’t have a phone for now since the FP2 is unusable…

PS: I also always had a problem with my screen that used to freeze quite often when my FP2 was charging… maybe it’s linked?

Thanks for your help!

For battery trouble there are possible solutions in the #batteryguide .

The display trouble when charging mostly depends on the charger, make sure it delivers 1A, else see here …

Sure, I might try to find a new charger! but there’s still the problem of the battery draining…

Do you use any app that’s using the proximity sensor, e.g. waking up the phone by waving (app waveup or the likes …)
It might be interesting if you install BetterBatteryStats and get an idle dump, see

I don’t! Anyway I can’t install anything since my phone won’t even turn on.

It doesn’t even charge while turned off? Can you try different cables? Different chargers, or maybe from the usb port of a computer?

Well it might charge, but as soon as it’ll open to the home screen, the battery drains until the phone shuts off (because then it doesn’t recognize the charging). When it’s not stuck in a loop of the fairphone
screen - doesn’t recognize charging - shuts off - charges - fairphone screen etc

Right now when I try to charge it, I just have the red LED beam on and off and then finally off.

Maybe the battery is damaged caused by deep discharging? Looks like my battery starts to act up also. Will, it’s two years old, with heavy use, so not impossible

Did you already perform the battery reset from the #batteryguide ?

I did the battery reset. I thought at first it kinda worked but the battery ended up draining completely in a few minutes after hours of charging. Too bad!

This sounds similar to what happened to me a few months ago. Hopefugly support will be in touch soon but basically some of the FP2S have faulty lower modules and they sent me a replacement. Really easy to fit.

Hey! Thanks for your answer. So you think the problem would come from the lower module and not the battery? I still have no answer from the staff.

Yeah - it was after the July update, and my FP2 just wouldn’t charge.

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