The At a Glance widget shows only date and is randomly replaced by the Google search bar

Weird. What happens if she long presses on it and selects Preferences? Does it open the Search widget preferences, or the At a Glance preferences?

OK I’ll check, but not soon.

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On mine (currently showing the search bar), long press opens “At a Glance” preferences. I don’t think there are any “search bar” preferences, you get asked on install which search engine you want to use, and that’s all, there are AFAIK no search preferences the user can change. :thinking:

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You can modify the color and few other things (open Google app → profile pic → Settings → Search widget). It still doesn’t change the fact that if there is to be a search bar, it shouldn’t open At a Glance preferences. So even if the search bar stays there for some people, it’s still broken.


Thanks, didn’t know that.
And what happens if during initial setup you have chosen some other search engine (DDG for instance)? Does the Google app still manage the widget? :astonished:

(I don’t dare check, in case Google takes it as an invitation to take over the widget again… Not that I have ever used it, I simply don’t see why on earth I would want to make Internet searches outside my web browser. In the same spirit I also don’t carry around a spare tire when I’m not using my car, but that’s just me. Anyway, just on principle I always select DDG and then hide it, when I can, or at least leave it alone.)

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You can go back to the selection menu at any time. It does require ADB though.

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Thanks, but that’s quite some caveat… Most people wouldn’t know how to, many wouldn’t dare, for fear of breaking something.

Good thing to know it’s possible though, even if it has been hidden away in the proverbial locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware of the leopard”… (HHG2G, if somebody wonders :grin:)

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You mean H2G2. Yes.

For those who haven’t seen my previous post #39 in this thread, I confirm (repeat) that the search widget is now stable. It doesn’t disappear at midnight to be replaced by AAG as it did before. And you can make it disappear completely by disabling the Google app. I have done this and haven’t noticed any malfunction so far. AAG then appears from the start. Reboot required after disabling Google app.

I do indeed.
(Sorry, Dell keyboard… Really awful rebound typing, inacceptable for a laptop this price level. Usually I seee it and fix it (<- see?) :frowning_face:)

To get bacck (!) on topic, for me the phone boots with the “At a Glance” widget, whicch (!) gets eventually (midnight?) replaced by the searchh (!) one, but that one stays put hereafter.

(Don’t buy Alienware! It’s :poop:!)

Does it work though? Do you see calendar events, weather etc.? Does clicking on the date open the calendar app?

All I can see is date and clicking on it does absolutely nothing. Meanwhile when I manually add the At a Glance widget to a different screen, it works as intended.

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OK now I’m a bit more interested.

This widget is not a default on my Beta A13 on my FP3, I mean it doesn’t exist.

Could be
a) I use Nova, but why would that remove it from available widgets?
b) I did adb some stuff out when I got the phone in 2020 ??

The widget that you can place by yourself is provided by the Google app. Maybe that’s the problem?

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Nope. On my phone it just shows the (correct) date, that’s it. At some stage in a previous version I disabled the weather (preferring a weather app I use). From what I’ve read, you’re supposed to be able to long-press AAG and select “Customize”, but I don’t see that option, just “Home settings”, “Widgets” and “Wallpapers”. But I prefer that bit of home screen to at least display info that’s not useless to me or duplicated elsewhere …

@KurtF Interesting! Your experience is the exact reverse of mine! I think those two square cm of home screen estate must be cursed…

It has always only shown that (date, time) for me, even back in A11.
Long press on whatever occupies currently the spot does bring up the “At a Glance” menu for me, even if the search bar is currently showing.

It seems… But I rather think this “At no Glance” widget is, and has always been broken.
Initially (A11) I hoped it would show my upcoming calendar entries – never happened. Weather? No way. Well, it does show the date, in case I go Rip Van Winkle (but in this case it would lack the year…). :roll_eyes:

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On my home screen I have the Google search bar, but occasionally I don’t for a few days at time. It just gets replaced with the date time and then it’ll just reappear. Couldn’t see a way to change this behaviour.

Welcome! Yes, it’s hopelessly broken, and there is nothing to be done since those are both widgets put there (one on top of the other!) by our parents and we can’t do anything about them…
On my phone since the last reboot I just see the search bar stating “Initializing”, forever… :roll_eyes:

Please read the earlier posts in this topic, the problem is covered … but no solution in sight, as Kurt says.

You’ll notice that the search bar gets replaced by At a glance, at midnight following the latest boot. On some phones, anyway. That’s probably useful for any dev working on the problem, but for you it just means that, if you prefer to see the date and not the search bar (my case), try not turning off your phone at night, put it on Airplane mode instead. You can get rid of the search bar completely by disabling the Google app. That might have repercussions but none that have bothered me.

I guess what would be most useful would be to not place them at the exact same spot! Both widgets worked (mostly) normally back in Android 11 when they weren’t stacked.

Oh well, I don’t really care (besides my annoyance about wasted screen real estate) since I never ever used the search bar, and the “At a Glance” widget is more a (malfunctioning) gadget than a really useful feature anyway. -shrug-

Well, I’m sure the latest update promised a fix for this, but search bar has gone again. Pffft!

no it hasnt I guess you are mixing up with this