Texting and calling not working since upgrade

When I receive calls and texts having installed the upgrade there is no sound. Also texts are not sending reliably. They go sometimes and not others.

Is there a fix?

Thank you

I know this sounds obvious, but have you checked that you have the General sound profile on (Settings > Audio Profiles) and that when you go into the settings of the profile that a ringtone and default notification is set and the volume is up sufficiently to hear it?

For that matter if you try to change the ringtone, does the ringtone tune play then?

Not sure about the texts not sending - do they fail to send or do they just sit waiting to send?

I’ve noticed that SMS messages send fine. MMS doesn’t.

I’ll try what you suggested for the sound.

Yes for some reason the profiles had gone to some funny settings, general
was more or less the same as silent

Actually I can’t change my ringtone. It just uses the notification sound.
The ringtone sound doesn’t play when I try to change it or adjust the volume

Very odd. Can you try resetting the settings to default and see if this works

Also for MMS can you check that your APN internet settings are correct still

@samjameswilliams1985 Are you still experiencing troubles?

Hi Stefan,

The GPS performance has always been very poor, this has been a problem
since I first had the phone.

Since the upgrade

My phone still wont send MMS messages.

Also some of my shortcuts dissappear whenever I restart my phone.



  1. GPS: I helped myself with µg UnifiedNlp. It needs some courage to try alternative ways though. If you want to try, you should first read very carefully the thread linked above. (Attention, if you use GApps, you need a different apk.)

  2. MMS: Which operator do you use? You should really check the APN Settings (Settings > More… > Mobile networks > APNs) provided by your operator.

  3. The issue with shortcuts disappearing after a restart is discussed here.

I have a similar problem, texts and calls occasionally don’t work. Restarting usually resolves the problem, but its annoying if I don’t realise its happening and i’m waiting for someones phone call.

I don’t actually know if I upgraded… Can I check that somewhere in my phone?

Go to your apps drawer and open “Fairphone Updater”. It will tell you your current OS version. The most recent official version is Fairphone OS Cherry 1.6.

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Do you still experience problems with the most recent version of Fairphone OS (1.8.5)?

Hi Stefan,

No, I haven’t had this problem anymore (as far as i’m aware)!

Cheers, Marianne

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