Test an app called Iam

I’ll try it in English. I use an app called Iam, because of my job I owns more phonenumbers. This app works perfect as long as I use it with wifi. When I don’t have wifi than it gives an network error. We tested everything, the simcards, the settings and so on. It is really a problem of the app with the Fairphone. The helpdesk told me to place this question in this forum. Is there somebody who can help?

In which country do you live?
Writing in your mother tongue is normally no problem here.

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What’s your native language?

There are some more informations missing. What phone with which software do you use? Who is your provider?

P.S.: Is that the software, you are talking about: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nl.routit.iam.android


Ehh… if this is the app… then… RoutIT got bought by KPN in 2016, and the app still have a terrible privacy policy (it does not look GDPR compliant). You should discuss usage of this application with your data protection officer within your company. Whatever the title is within your company they have (or are supposed to have) the sufficient knowledge on GDPR/AVG.


I can’t help, but I’ve got the same problem with another app, a game to be precise. It checks for some version info on startup and no matter how good my connection is it always gets a network error. Of I’m in a WiFi, no matter how bad the connection it works.

(The game is Eve echoes and I’ve been using an up to date Fairphone 3+)

What network are you using? We have seen problems with Telekom APNs as they set per default an Ipv6 APN, changing to the old Telekom APN helped…

Only German

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That might solve my problem, I’m with Congstar which uses the Telekom network. Thanks

Nederlands. Ik gebruik de FairPhone 3 met de door Fairphone aangeboden software. Ik heb 2 providers, t-mobile en kpn. De app is aan kpn gelinkt. De app waar je naar linkt is de juiste app.

We hebben het volgende getest: de app de ene simkaart en de andere simkaart laten gebruiken. Alle instellingen zijn gecontroleerd. De simkaarten ook in een andere dualsim telefoon gestopt van een ander merk en toen werkte het wel. We konden niet anders concluderen dat het aan de Fairphone ligt.

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