Temporary Replacement FP1 Battery in London


The usb charging connector recently broke. While I search for somewhere in long that can do the soldering there is information on my phone that I really need to get off.

What I need is a charged FP1 battery. However Fariphone are unable to provide me one (I can only order a new one and hope that it has some charge).

Would anyone in the (east) london (or maybe UK) fairphone community be able to lend me a battery for the day so that I can extract that data and then i will of course return the battery right away. I know it is a bit of an odd request.

Also if anyone has tips on where I could get the connector repaired in london that would be great.

Many thanks

If you can’t find anyone in the London area who’s willing to lend you a charged battery, you can also buy an external battery charger to charge your own battery. There’s some discussion about that in the topic below (ignore the powerbanks, as they do rely on having a working USB port), along with links to other topics where an external charger ended up being used:

Check out the UK community: #addressbook

Great thanks for sharing.
I have now purchased an external charger - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252575091616 - as recommended in the thread

So at the worst I will back and working in a week

This gives me time to find somewhere I trust to do the repair work

thanks for sharing this too

I have contacted a few UK based users and lets see what happens

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