#TeamFairphone on ShareTheMeal

Is anybody else using the ShareTheMeal app from the World Food Program?
If so, how about setting up a FairPhone team?
It is an easy way to give meals to hungry children and at the same time get som publicity for FairPhone.


How about #wearefairphone?

Sounds great. Link? :slight_smile:


Cool :slight_smile:

We can create the team ourselves.

If we would like a picture and a description, we can email the people who work on the app.

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There is the Community Logo:



All for this! And you’ve reminded me that I wanted to donate some more on the app. I keep forgetting.

#wearefairphone seems good to me


Two examples of teams.

If anybody has the time and/or energy, we can ask them if we can be a featured team. They feature one team per Tuesday and that team get to tell more about themselves. I don’t have the energy or the knowledge about Fairphone to do that. But if somebody else would like to do it (with or without me), I believe it would be a great way to promote FairPhone.

We can take it one step at a time…

Shall we get a team setup first, and try and promoting it on the forum and facebook groups etc?

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Sounds great!

I can: 1. Create the team :white_check_mark:
2. Send the logo to the ShareTheMeal team :white_check_mark:
3. Send them our description, if someone can compose it. :white_check_mark:


How about something like this:

The Fairphone Community demand fairer electronics. Fairtrade Gold, Conflict free Tin & Tantalum, fairer working conditions, designed for repairability and longlasting. Change doesn’t happen overnight. But together #WeAreFairphone


Is there any progress in creating a group?

Just found a group WeAreFairphone and wonder, if this is the result of this thread

The group was created May 1st and I also sent them a picture and description for the group. I just sent them a new email, to see if they have an estimated time for when the picture and description will be up. But the team is up and running, so people can donate with team #WeAreFairphone


It seems that logo and description are already online.

Is it possible to see us on their page or do I need the app? Couldn’t find anything about existing teams on their site…

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You have to use the app.

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Ah, ok.

I guess I can use the screenshot you provided for Twitter/Mastodon, then :wink:

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Did anyone already contact them to ask if they plan to release a FLOSS version of the app via F-Droid?
I won’t join unless that happens.

If you wanna check: support@sharethemeal.org

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Wow, it looks so professional!!! :heart_eyes_cat: