Taxi apps depending on Google Services (FP2 Open OS) - Any solution?

I’m enjoying my FP2 Open OS completely Google-free but lately I am missing the possibility of using some taxi apps, which “won’t run without Google Play Services”, as it appears after installing them! :frowning:

So, I’m just wondering whether there is any way to work this around (without or even with the minimum google services possible)!
Thanks for your wisdom, community!! :smiley:

If you really want those Apps to work right now, you could install Open GApps in the TWRP recovery of Fairphone Open OS … select “ARM”, “6.0” and “pico” for the minimum amount of Google to run the Play Store (and Play services with it) … if that isn’t enough, try the larger packages.

If you want those Apps to work, and you are prepared to tinker around a bit to get them to work Google-free, you could try microG, which tries to mimick Google without being Google. There are some topics here in the forum about microG, too.

If you want a real Google-free solution, and you have time, and you are prepared for possible failure … you could contact the App vendors and try to get them to build their Apps without depending on Google services.


Thank you very much, @AnotherElk!
Between Open GApps and microG, which one would you say is the least challenging/demanding one from a technical point of view (to install), for an average user as I am?
Thanks again for any hint!!

Clearly Open GApps. Download. Install. Works.

It is Google though, so proceed with caution:
You shouldn’t need to provide a Google account for Apps to use the installed basic Google services.
But even with Open GApps pico (which I use myself) if you whyever provide a Google account, you’ll have to deactivate syncing stuff to this account quickly in the settings, else your contacts and perhaps other stuff will end up at Google’s :wink: .


I agree for FPOpenOS, it’s a little more tricky to set-up microG compared to OpenGApps.
However for LineageOS, microG can be as easy as “already installed and configured” with the fork including microG :smiley:

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That’s right, of course, but microG can’t guarantee 100% Google functionality so that any given Google-depending App would work anyway, so even with an easy install method for microG you’ll be probably in for some tinkering :wink: .

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