Tapping search in the app drawer closes the app drawer

After updating to Android 13, whenever I try to search an app in the app drawer, it just closes.
I haven’t found Any issue similar to this so I think it has to be pretty specific. Any steps I can take to trouble shoot?

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I’m having this problem too:

Thanks for the reply. I dug a little more, and it seems its not an issue with fairphone but A13 in general.
Apparently Google replaced the search on device search bar with some dort of unified Google Search, which will not work when the Google app is deactivated.


That makes sense. Thanks for your research and for letting us know here in the forum! :slight_smile:

Oh no… :man_facepalming:
That can be fixed by using a differemt launcher though, can it?

Probably yes. For testing purposes I re-enabled the google app and after clearing the cache it worked again. I’d prefer not to though, and it’s pretty slow/sluggish to search this way, sadly

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