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I know we discussed this multiple times before (at least among the mods and admins) and it was said that this was hard to implement and maintain, but I don’t think this is true anymore. meta.discourse.org uses a tags dropdown menu and I didn’t find a single topic asking how to get it, so I’m guessing it’s a simple admin setting and I really think we should enable it.
Without it the only way to see e.g. a list of untagged topics in the #discuss category you have to enter the url manually: /tags/c/discuss/none/none.

Here is how it looks like on meta.discourse:


Does anyone see a reason not to implement this?


What exactly is meant with the following?

Hard to implement in regard to “system administration” or in regard to “moderation”? (I mean: might it be hard for the admins oder the mods?)
And does anyone know the reasons for this assumption?

I think for better navigation within the forum it’d be great!

Well like I said by now it seems to me to be an official discourse feature that you just have to enable, but back in the day when we discussed this with Douwe we didn’t know of an official feature if it already existed and so the admins would have had to implement it themselves and then make sure it didn’t break with every discourse update.
But let’s just ask @anon83519835 if he thinks it will be easy?


Let’s see if the Fairphone css style is well-enough constructed to not cause the the extra button to break the whole layout… Fingers crossed!


Adding the agenda link didn’t cause any issues either…

Oops, sorry, must have overlooked this over the BIG TOPIC MOVING. I’m pro! :+1:

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turned it on…have fun with it


Thanks. :slight_smile:
I love that you can now see a list of most used tags per category.

@anon83519835 could you see if you can find a setting so the search within the tags dropdown can find all tags, not just the top 30 tags that are displayed in the dropdown list?
On meta.discourse that works, but we could also just increase the number of displayed tags to infinite as it’s scrollable anyway.

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okidoki…enjoy :slight_smile:


Great, thanks! :slight_smile:

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