New forum structure 2018

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Hey everybody, after a year-long process we have put the restructuring of the Fairphone Forum into action. Below you will find the new forum structure in list form together with the respective #about topics. Please consult these for further information about the categories. :slight_smile:

New forum structure

Screenshot of https://forum.fairphone.com/categories

Is the forum broken or was there data loss?
Who invented that structure and design? .....and why?
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I have been away for a while and VERY confused with this structure. Where are the threads about alternative OS, Lineage OS in particular gone ? Am I missing something or are we know asked to use tags ? This would in my opinion a bad choice because with the ability to add and create tags searching becomes terribly complicated compared to a range of meaningful given categories.


Yes, #lineageos is now a tag and you can search within a tag (e.g. here) just like you can search within a category.


Is there a way to make the tags more visible? I think a lot of people don’t know about them (I also forget they exist sometimes). When I start typing lineageos in the search bar the tag does not come up, only when I type a # in front of it. If you don’t know about them they are a bit hard to find I think.


There is a discourse feature to add a tag dropdown on the various topics lists like they have on meta.discourse. I am advocating for adding it for a long time…


It does. But tags come up on the bottom, after topics and users:


It looks conventient on meta.discourse. What were the reasons against it? Maybe with the new structure this feature should be considered again (as tags are now probably more important)?


Good question. I moved the discussion to the public forum as in the staff category it was met with silence:


I was away from the forum some time, I got my newsletter but I didn’t recognize the massive change in the forum. :scream_cat:
It’s not intuitive, not logic to ME. Don’t take me wrong: It’s a mess. IMHO
no differentiation between software and hardware, all in on FP2 category
I have no glue how to handle that forum.:cry:


Here is some glue: :wink:

And now, do your homework and read up on the New forum structure 2018! :grin:

PS.: The topic was pinned globally on the forum for about 2 months, so it must really have been some time since your last visit.

Who invented that structure and design? .....and why?

The distinction between software and hardware made no sense.
If you need help it doesn’t really matter to you whether it’s a software or a hardware issue (nor might you be able to determine that) - all you want is to get help. Now there is one place for that only segmented by device.


Ha, Ha…:roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sorry, I had my funny pants on. Don’t be angry with me. :blush:


All OK! I only have to get used to the “new” layout and structure.:wink:


There used to be a “Café” category of some sorts; a place to discuss anything that is not FP-related in some way.
Is that gone? Or am I just blind?


Cafe is long gone. I think you did that. :wink:
The #discuss super-category is now for anything not FP-related. Before we had most of those discussions in #community which wasn’t really a good fit.


I did that? How silly of me… :blush:
I think I was away for too long and forgot that the super-categories can also contain posts, and not just sub-categories… :blush:-again


In November '15 you decided to:

With consent of the moderators of course. :slight_smile:


Silly mistakes of a younger, more naif version of me. I take no responsibility :stuck_out_tongue:
(also, I no longer have the rights to read the post behind that link)


You remember the saying “The internet and Paula don’t forget”? :wink: