System update does not work on Fairphone 3


I try to update my Fairphone 3 with this article:

I go to Settings->About Phone to check my build number. It`s 8901.2.A.0111.20200131, so it differs from the build number in the article (8901.2.A.0134.20200703).
This means, I need an Update says the article.

So I go to Settings->System->Advanced->System Update. But this tells me, that I have the latest version (February 5, 2020). When I click on “Check for update”, I get “Your system is up to date”

I want to make the update, because I always have to restart my phone before I can make a phone call (no free-line signal when making the call)

Can somebody help me?

One important question before people can advise you: Are you a Vodafone customer?


No. I use 1&1 as provider.

1&1 uses either D (Vodafone) or E (O2) net as the underlying provider and IIRC one has to choose which one when ordering a plan with them.
So it could very well be that you’re using the Vodafone backend. Which then likely explains why you don’t get any updates.


Ok, I`m using 1&1 D, so it`s Vodafone. Why has my provider something to do with the ability to update my phone? And is there a solution?

Nope. (Get a new provider.)

Vodafone somehow is/was blocking new updates due to some VoLTE (VoWiFi ?) related tests they seem to do first. But frankly I thought that situation changed a few months ago.
There are workarounds: If you have a SIM card from another provider - also PrePaid sim cards - you could remove your 1&1 sim temporary and insert a sim card form a different provider.
You can also update your FP3 manually with a computer. But you have to unlock the bootloader and thus loose all your data on your FP3. Therefore a backup is highly recommended :wink:

EDIT: Or you wait a few days more until Android 10 is released for FP3. Maybe you get this update more instantaneously :slight_smile:


Are you really sure of that (the loss of data)? From my own experience, when you are on A.0111, it doesn’t even require unlocking the bootloader (that only came with a later version) to manually update.

Except for that question, you’ve explained the way out of the Vodafone issue perfectly. :+1:

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There is an easy solution: Put a SIM from another provider into your phone, just temporarily to receive the update. You can even leave the 1&1 in the SIM1 slot and put the other card into SIM2 (you have so switch over to receive the update, of course).

The issue has been resolved since A.0111, which means that your shoud receive new updates without hassle.

Good luck and best wishes,

to be honest: not 100% sure :see_no_evil:
it’s mentioned several times - e.g. here (wiki) and here (under point 3 Unlock your bootloader)
But you’re right - there was a change with an update. But nevertheless - I thought the second command-based unlocking-part (fastboot oem unlock) - which ereases all your data - is still necessary…?
(I’ll install LOS on my FP3 within the next weeks so I didn’t had to unlock my bootloader until now :wink: