When to expect Android 10 update on Fairphone 3

I read the awesome news about the FP3+ coming with Android 10 and that the FP3’s are getting update to Android 10.

Is there any news on when we get the update to Android 10 on the FP3?

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Android 10 is planned to be rolled out from 7 September 2020, see


I can’t wait for this. Especially for the random MAC address function; a big plus for privacy.

This would be interesting for me too. At the moment I still have my FP2 with LOS17.1. Unfortunately on the FP2 is no random MAC address feature. So I hope it will be on the FP3+ I had preordered.

This should indeed be available with Android 10 on both FP3 and FP3+. See for example


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