System crashes when unlocking screen

I’ve been having the following problem with my Fairphone. When unlocking the screen, the screen freezes for a while and then goes black. Pressing the power button briefly (as you would to get to the unlock screen) results in nothing. After some time (between 30 and 60 seconds usually), the screen comes back and says that the system process has crashed.
Repeating the process results in the same delays but usually (luckily) in a successful unlock. But, I really can’t wait 1-2 minutes every time I need to unlock my phone.
HAs anyone ever seen this? Any advice?

Hi @Chomagerider,
what you are describing is the same issue as currently discussed in this thread

Unluckily I do not see a solution yet, but you could contribute to the discussion by adding your system configuration in order to find some similarities.

Good luck!