Syncthing won't let me set directoy

Anyone else using Syncthing with the Fairphone 2?

I’ve got a weird problem, that I can’t choose a Directory from it. See details here in the bug I’ve filed with Syncthing:

Is this a Fairphone 2 specific bug?

This sounds an awful lot like the known privacy impact bug. Here is the workaround:

Re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at:

:gb: Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact
:de: Einstellungen > Ton & Benachrichtigungen > Privacy Impact
:fr: Parametres > Sons et notifications > Privacy Impact
:it: Impostazioni > Audio e notifiche > Privacy Impact
:nl: Instellingen > Geluid en melding > Privacy Impact
:es: Ajustes > Sonido y notificationes > Privacy Impact

If it was already unticked, then tick it and untick again.

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Yes, that fixes it! Thanks!

Is there a way to turn off completely the new Fairphone 2 privacy impact, and use the default one in Lollipop? I’d like to try it out properly for one thing, as I’ve never used it!

While I agree that privacy popups are bad usability, I very much doubt that Fairphone can make that better more easily than Google. It doesn’t feel like the job of a fairtrade phone to try…

I don’t think that Google Android has something similar to Fairphone’s Privacy Impact App. You already got the answer on how to disable it in your other thread, so I’ll close this one.

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