Syncing Outlook without Cloud and without Google, how?

Hey Guys.
I recently got a Fairphone 2 and am trying to sync my Microsoft Outlook Contacts and Calendar with it. How Do I do this without using a cloud and without using one of Googles programms?

As far as I can tell, the standard calendar app is from google… I managed to import the contacts via USB cable from the computer with the free trial version of “Android PC Sync”. (only once, not as a permanent syncing progrss) The calendar syncing however still doesn’t work with this.

Furthermore I have tried the free software Myphoneexplorer, this doesn’t recognize my Fairphone however…
Meanwhile I don’t care if I have to pay to find a working permanent solution. Do you guys have any working solutions? I’m wondering if Companionlink or Fliq might work…? Any experiences?

Thank You for your help!
Kind regards, Gebi

Hy Gebi.

Far as I know, you will need to install some extra app to host Outlook data on your Fairphone 2 if you go with Companionlink. Having this extra app is not a showstopper issue, but seems like a disadvantage to me. Right now I’m using Akruto to sync Outlook calendar to FP2. Here’s a guide:

It should sync contacts too, but I never tested this feature before.
P.S. What’s wrong with Cloud? Bad past experience or simply avoid using it for your personal data?

I had problems with MyPhoneExplorer aswell. The trick is to turn on USB-Debugging (Einstellungen --> Entwickleroptionen -> USB-Debugging) and when the PC is connected use this Type (not what it says in MPE).

I used to use CompanionLink, but then moved to Acruto for the reason I can’t remember now. Acruto worked fairly well up, but it has one huge drawback – it requires rather complicated setup, which in turn requires a static address for your desktop device. And if that IP address changes for whatever reasons, you are in trouble - not only you need to create another profile for synchronization in your phone, but I am even not sure if it works correctly with the data, stored under the previous account. Right now I am looking for other solutions.

I use MyPhoneExplorer flawlessly with my FP2 connected via Wifi to my private Network.

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