Synchronising calendar with Android (free software and services)

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DAVDroid really kills it. And it’s available for free on F-Droid.


Consider donating to them, the makers are from Austria (in fact a town near to where I live…) :wink:


The MyPhoneExplorer application seems to not work anymore on Windows 10… anyone else got that too?

What could I use now to sync my data? Thunderbird, etc…


I guess they will very soon release a version, which works with Windows 10.

A fairly easy alternative, if you are ok with the cloud, would be: Thunderbird <> posteo.de <> DavDroid.


Thanks, but I’ve just tried on my desktop and managed to make it work (going from charge only to media device). That software is a bit annoying. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, so it does work on Windows 10? :slight_smile:


At least on my desktop :stuck_out_tongue:


ICSdroid has made its appearance on F-Droid. :slight_smile: It is by the same people, who make DAVdroid. The app lets you subscribe to online *.ics calendars, like provided by universities or companies.


Hey guys,
my wife has a Fairphone and we want to sychonise our calenders via icloud.
I’m using DavDroid an it works great for posteo.de, but when I want to add my icloud calendar it is not working.
Can you give me help, why this don’t want to work? Is it because I use the two-steps auhtetification with my apple account?
I read this already: https://davdroid.bitfire.at/configuration

Edit 5 Minutes later:
I found the way. Like for gmail you need to create a password just for the app and then it works with davdroid.


It have a free limited account. It’s fine to synchronize 1 phone and 1 desktop computer.
But… what about privacy and those stuff?


I’ve just started using posteo.de (as suggested by @Ruth_FP1 here). They have encryption, two-factor-authentication and a pretty nice privacy policy.


Hey, since I am still confused about differences between DavDroid and aCalDav I ask here if anybody can answer my questions stated in another thread:


Just a note to say that I use SyncMate via USB to sync my contacts and calendars between a fairphone 2 (open source OS) and a Mac, and that it seems to be working fine (no cloud services needed).
If this isn’t the right place for this information, please feel free to move it elsewhere!


I just installed DAVdroid an opened an account with woelkli.com and synchronise my contacts and calendar with Thunderbird.




Das hat mein Kalendersynchronisationsproblem gelöst, danke!


I’m also using Synology, but I use Docker containers on it, with a Nextcloud. It is not reachable outside of my home network, except WireGuard. So if the device has WireGuard and DAVDroid, I got full synchronisation available. Docker and Nextcloud are fairly easy to set up.

Not sure about KDE/GNOME and syncing/convergence. There’s KDE Connect.

There’s also syncthing-based synchronisation though I haven’t tried that. In theory, you could do this even with a password manager.




Bit of an old question but these days, aCalDav was last updated in 2016. It is no longer being maintained. So for future reference, the correct answer for now is “just use DAVdroid.”


Just as a hint: in the meantime DAVdroid was renamed to DAVx5 (with “5” in superscript).